Rosie is one of our two full time tattoo artists and also a trained body piercer.

After finishing school, I went to Leeds college of art and design for 2 years and studied GNVQ in art and design, I then went on to complete a fine art degree at Bretton Hall in Wakefield. I've always loved tattoos from a young age and wanted to be a tattoo artist all through school, but I thought I would still obtain my qualifications as I needed them.

I've been tattooing now since 2003, working at 2 other studios in Leeds and Harrogate, before moving to North Star where I have been working since 2007.

I can turn my hand to mostly any style of tattooing, but I prefer more feminine styles, fine line, black and grey, floral, new-school etc. Anything quite illustrative and naturally flowing. I would like to think that custom work is never done twice, if I design something for a customer it is unique. I like to create something with a customers' input that may be unusual and distinctive. I believe less is more, I like to work on smaller scale with detail or carefully place things to create movement on the body. I especially enjoy creating a tattoo as I go along and free styling if the customer will allow me as I believe this is where I shine.

Tattoo artists I admire include Albie Rock, Boris, Steve Byrne, Diego, Bugs, Dawnii, Leah Moule, and Fiona Long (who has been a pioneer for females in the tattoo industry - believe it or not we still get a little grief from those male chauvinists out there!).



Keith is our full time piercer and half owner of North Star.

I trained as a chef after finishing school, completing NVQ level 2 and 3 in food prep and cooking at Harrogate College, before going to work in various kitchens such as the George Hotel. At the same time as this, I was working as a doorman around Harrogate; it was in this job that I met Martin Blythe and Chris Plant, who took me on as a body piercer in 2001. Whilst working for Chris, and Martin at Dr. Ink's and Matrix tattoo, I met Don who I formed a partnership with in opening North Star Tattoo in 2005.

I am big body piercing enthusiast, and take great interest in all body modification, from branding to implants and scarification. I pride myself on carrying out precise, sterile piercing, causing as little discomfort and distress possible to each client. I also part own and run the head shop Fat Pedro on Cheltenham Mount, where we stock all sorts of paraphernalia, clothes, smoking accessories etc.

My other interests include motorbikes, shooting and hunting and horror films.



Don is one of our full time tattooists and half owner of North Star Tattoo.

I have always loved drawing and all things art related, however after leaving school I decided to persue my interest in music, and went to study music technology in Leeds. It was during the final year of my course when I was lucky enough to meet Andrew White who was tattooing at Scorpion tattoo in Harrogate at the time. He gave me a job training to pierce and help out in the studio, working part time. After completing my college course I started working full time and began learning to tattoo. In the following years Andrew taught me almost everything I know about tattooing, and also became one of the best friends I've ever had. We worked together at Matrix tattoo, before Andrew left to open his own studio, Enlightening Tattoo, in Ripon. It was at Matrix that I met Keith, and after the owner, Martin, decided to sell up we took the studio on ourselves and it became North Star in 2005.

Tragically in 2007 Andrew left this life, leaving hundereds of people with great memories and some awesome artwork to remember him by. I've got Andrew to thank for everything in getting where I am today, he's been a massive influence on me and I'm eternally grateful that I was lucky enough to cross paths with him.

I'm lucky enough to have a job I love doing, so I'm happy tattooing pretty much anything, custom work is always preferable of course. I especially like japanese or asian imagery as well as traditional designs but with a more modern perspective. I like bold black lines and stuff with a lot of colour and shading. I love doing custom work on a larger scale, but I enjoy doing smaller tattoos too. Some of my favourite tattoo artists include Grime, Guy Aitcheson, Uncle Allan, Marius Meyer, Filip Leu and Chris o'Donnel, to name a few.

Big shout out to Mark Gura of Sinville Tattoo in Sihanoukville, Cambodia. An awesome tattooist and a great guy who's really helped me out and taught me a lot.



Cassie is the newest addition to our team, she began tattooing under Don’s watchful eye in summer 2010 and is now turning out great tattoos in as well as Leeds.

I have been drawing and painting all my life and have aspired to be a tattoo artist since I first learned what it entailed.

I would describe my style as feminine, sometimes with a slightly darker edge. My preferred subjects to tattoo are people, animals, birds and flowers. I like bold and simple tattoos but with a feminine influence. I enjoy working around unusual ideas and love creating one off custom tattoos.

The tattoo artists that have influenced me the most are Valerie Vargas, Uncle Allen, Tutti Serra, Sarah Schor, Miss Arianna and Steve Byrne. My all time favourite artist is Frieda Kahlo.

I am inspired by a vast range of subjects including Victoriana (especially Valentine’s card artwork), historic costumes and fashion, birds and animals, old sailor tattoos and anatomical drawings.

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